Kaukonahua Solar at Villa Rose Egg Farm

Nestled amongst the green ridges of the North Shore, between Wahiawa and Waialua, lies Villa Rose Egg Farm, a cage-free layer farm that will provide local eggs for the residents of Hawaii. A partnership between Rose Acres Farms and Hidden Villa Ranch, Villa Rose is the first sustainable, modern integrated layer farm in the Aloha State.

Villa Rose is already generating its own electricity through solar energy utilizing a battery energy storage system. The proposed 6-Megawatt, ground-mounted solar and storage project will take this sustainable approach even futher. Developed by Melink Solar Development with help from its financing partner, Nexamp, this new array will provide clean, solar electricity to the local grid on O'ahu.

65-1001 Kaukonahua Road | 6 MW AC solar generating capacity + 25 MWh battery storage

About Villa Rose

Project Location

The project is located on a 317-acre property (TMK 1-6-5-002-005) owned by Villa Rose, LLC, located south of Kaukonahua Road, north of Schofield Barracks and northwest of Wahiawa. The property is within the North Shore Neighborhood.

Off Kaukonahua Road

Upcoming Community Meetings:

North Shore Agriculture Committee, July 8, 2020, at 7:00pm, at the Waialua Community Association, 66-434 Kamehameha Highway in Haleiwa

The project footprint will be no more than 80 acres located north of the existing egg farm. The property has a natural vegetative buffer of grass berms that surround the entirety of the project area. We anticipate that these berms will screen the project from vehicular and  pedestrian traffic along the Kaukonahua Road and from immediately surrounding properties. Kaukonahua Solar intends to preserve these berms throughout the life of the project.  

Kaukonahua Solar Project Area

The existing land contour makes it ideal for solar as very little grading would be required for construction, thus minimizing soil disturbance. 

Our Community Outreach Plan is available for review

Project Benefits

A cleaner, more resilient electric grid

Upgraded electric infrastructure

Preservation of land

Supporting local farmers and agriculture

Local workforce opportunities

The combination of solar generation with battery storage means clean energy that is available when it is needed.

Existing power lines or other equipment along the roads leading up to the project may be improved or replaced.

The project will not have any adverse impacts to the soils or use of surrounding area. At the end of the project life, the land can be returned to 100% agriculture.

Kaukonakua Solar is currently studying several agricultural uses that may be compatible with the solar installation including grazing animals, feedstock cultivation, bee keeping, and hydroponic agriculture. .

As a long-term partner of the community, we will turn to local businesses and workforce resources wherever possible.

Project Timeline

Community Outreach

5/6/20 - 5/31/22 

4/1/21 - 4/1/22



Permission to Operate


Project Award

7/1/20 - 3/1/21


About Nexamp

About Melink Solar Development

Founded in 2007 by two military veterans committed to reducing our nation’s reliance on fossil fuels, Nexamp has grown to become a leader in the transformation to the new energy economy with proven solar energy and storage solutions. Nexamp manages the complete solar project lifecycle, from development, design and construction to financing, long-term operation and maintenance. The Nexamp portfolio includes more than 200 MWs of solar generating capacity and is growing rapidly, expanding to include storage for more predictable energy delivery to the grid. Through community solar programs, Nexamp is making solar power accessible to more homes who have not been able to install solar panels.

Melink Solar Development is a leader in the solar project development market. They provide turn-key permitting, design, and due diligence for utility-scale solar PV projects, with a reputation for delivering quality results. Melink Solar has successfully completed projects in more than 10 states and have more than 400MW under development in their pipeline. With their goal to create lasting, positive contributions they serve, by designing solar projects that are customized to meet the needs of all stakeholders, Melink Solar believes in a collaborative approach that emphasizes integrity, service excellence and innovation.

Our Community Outreach Plan is available for review

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